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A Lannister always pays his debts.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: June 12th, 2013
Owner: Vinnie
Past Leaders Stay Plural • Apple J4ck.
Previous Iteration: Legacy
Next Iteration:


Lannisters (Banner).png


The Lannisters was a group that focused on marketing and monetizing. The name was based off the popular HBO show named "Game of Thrones". The Lannisters were a small, but rich and powerful family within the Game of Thrones world, which is a version of what Vinnie intended to bring to the table with his now closed group.


The Lannisters were very tight-knit, remaining as one of the smallest groups to have ever been a part of Hack Forums to date, with the most members at one time being twelve. The reputation of the group was that of being just a smaller version of the user group The Marketers. The group lasted less than 2 months before Vinnie decided to transform the group back into a gaming group.

Current Status

Rebranded to Instinct by the same owner, Vinnie.