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Type: Upgrade
Founded: May 17, 2008


L33t is the first paid upgrade that members can get. It is required to be able to upgrade to Ub3r or V3ndor, as well as the defunct R00t group.


The L33t upgrade was added to Hack Forums on May 17, 2008, under the name ‘Subscriber’ and had a $5 annual fee, which expired and had to be renewed. It was later changed to be a permanent upgrade for a one-time fee of either $30 with a credit card, or $25 with cryptocurrency. There is also the option of a six-month subscription for $20 with a credit card, or $15 with cryptocurrency.


  • Ability to change username
  • Ability to create custom usertitle
  • Ability to give positive and neutral popularity ratings
  • Limit of 10 popularity ratings per 24 hour period
  • Ability to add an image to your signature
  • Ability to upload your avatar
  • Search flood limit set to 5 seconds
  • Can edit/delete your own posts up to 90 days
  • Post flood limit removed
  • Can subscribe to threads and forums
  • Access to all member forums
  • One free random Hackuman egg (permanent upgrade only)
  • Ability to use PDF thread export
  • An HF IM XMPP (hackforums.im) account
  • Removal of Lounge post limit restriction
  • Can self-close your own threads
  • Access to Trust Scan feature
  • Ability to edit your post 10 times in 60 day period
  • Max Post Length setting is 12,000 characters
  • Can view a members Post Activity statistics
  • Ignored members cannot view your profile
  • Private message box of 2500
  • Removal of banner advertisements
  • Can view Contract details of Contracts not yours
  • Can use Country Lock
  • Bypass Prestige requirements for posting in certain sections
  • Bypass posting requirements for sending private messages
  • Ability to post in the Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics forum
  • Special l33t member group icon
  • Gauth 2-Factor Authentication account security
  • Bytes earning bonus of 150% for post replies and new threads.
  • 500 Bytes granted (crypto payments only)

Current Status

L33t is currently purchasable.