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Revolutionizing the contemporary business architecture.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: 19th, July 2016
Owner: V for Vendetta
Leaders Reaper ™Indecisive enough
Previous Iteration: Sheepgang
Next Iteration: Illuminati (2016)


Kingpin was an official group ran by members, which was purchased by V for Vendetta. The group had no user-bar but instead had a bolder username. The group was originally named Sheepgang before V for Vendetta purchased it.


V for Vendetta purchased Sheepgang and renamed it to Kingpin. The member-owned group was the only group to have absolutely no user-bar, banner or any other kind of graphics associated with it. Although the group seemed modest in having no graphics, it did boast a bolder username.

Current Status

This group was sold to Bandors and was rebranded into Illuminati.