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King Cin
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Status: Active
Join Date: 03-18-2012

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King Cin came to Hack Forums to learn batch, finding the forum via Google. King Cin lists Aura , Th3PonyWizard , Black Soul and Tomynho as some of the members who have influenced him the most, but cites The Empire and Echo as other influences. He lists his goals as becoming The Brotherhood's white hat help divison leader and joining The Empire. King Cin is notable for his work in the Innuendo and Personal Life forums; he holds a Sticky Man award for his Ultimate Innuendo Megathread, leads The Brotherhood's Innuendo Team, has around 600 posts in the Innuendo forum alone, and founded Project Venus (an unofficial Innuendo support team prevalent in the forum in late-2015). He claims that his current goals are to continue his work in the Innuendo section, to win Member of the Month, and to become a Mentor.


Not available at this time.

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Music
  • Girls
  • YouTube
  • Fitness