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Gigi Hadid
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Join Date: 03-18-2012

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I came to Hack Forums to learn batch. No one on here really invited me to the place or anything like that, I just found HF through Google. Although I would like to note that the members who have impacted me the most would have to be Aura , Th3PonyWizard , Black Soul and Tomynho. Besides that there are also all the members of The Empire and Echo.

My goals were becoming The Brotherhood's white hat help divison leader and joining The Empire. Besides that my current goal is to help as much members as possible with relationship and approach anxiety issues. My future goals would be winning Member of The Month and becoming a Mentor.


Not available at this time.

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Music
  • Girls
  • YouTube
  • Gym