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Status: Active
Join Date: 08-06-2011

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Juicy- came to Hack Forums during the middle of 2011, due to a friend of his on Xbox mentioning it to him one day. His friend Chandler told him he could make a good bit of money on Hack Forums, so he was really interested in it. He was really into getting free Xbox live codes, and that's where his love for Hack Forums really started. After spending a little bit of time on the forum, he became addicted in a sense. His main reason for joining Hack Forums was making quick, easy money, but stayed because of his love for the community.

Juicy's main goal was to make $10,000. His next main goal was to reach 500 reputation. His third goal was to get more skilled in skills he wasn't too sure about. He also really wanted to get skilled in skills that he could use to help other members. He's long passed every single one of his goals on here. He surpassed his $10,000 goal, and is working on growing it even more.

Juicy- really gives credit to three current members. Daisy, Wolves, and Dr. QuizkModz. He gives a ton of credit to Daisy, because she's always been there for him. She offers him a ton of support, so he really owes a lot to her. He was good friends with Wolves, but hasn't talked much to him lately. Him and Wolves always talked about random things. Mr. QuickModz hasn't been active, but Juicy Booty thinks he deserves a lot in life.


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