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Innovation is a group based on Coding, SEO, Site development, Designing, Monetizing, Advertising, and much more.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: April 2013
Owner: Sol Yurick
Past Leaders +Pirate • Madness • Kentucky • Pubmaster • Ignite • McFlurry
Previous Iteration: Respawn
Next Iteration: Respawn
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No introduction has been specified for this group.


In early April 2013, Astonish and the other leaders discussed the future of Respawn. They decided to move away from the gaming aspect of Hack Forums and move more into the creation aspect. From this they decided to create a group which would have a specific focus on web-based features such as webmastering, advertising and around all aspects of coding. After this did not turn out as successful as Astonish and the other leaders had planned, in early August of that same year, they changed their goals once more, to be focused on three main sections- coding, gaming and marketing.

Current Status

The group was later changed to Respawn with the ownership remaining the same. The group was then changed to Enterprise and then Echo, which is its current title under the user Arrow's ownership.