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A lot of people confuse influence with power; influence grows, power demands. –Peter Bray
Status: Inactive
Type: Paid
Owner: 630
Leaders ScreemS • Deany • Aerodactyl • zer0 c00l • Nuworld
Past Leaders 'FoxMakaveli The Don
Previous Iteration: Aequitas
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Influence is a group formed with the sole purpose of being positively influential to all members of Hack Forums. Those who wear this banner strive to guide the Hack Forums community as a whole by making an impact on its members, irrespective of whether they're a member of Influence or not. The group is comprised of four divisions, each dedicated to graphic design, hacking, product view, and general help.

Our group will focus on making a positive influence on Hack Forums members. We will only look for people who are both smart and creative. People who will help make an impact on HF and its members. For the first batch of members, we will be looking for people who are good at their domain, people who will take the time to form and help the next members of the group and also HF members.


On the 6th of June, 2017, 630 and 'Fox purchased Aequitas from the owner of the group, ra1d, for 20 Ethereum (approximately $6,000 USD). The group officially belonged to 630 and 'Fox at 3:41 PM. Ownership of the group is distributed equally between 630 and 'Fox. However, neither wished to play an active role as leaders of the group, so Makaveli The Don was appointed as leader. The group was created under Makaveli The Don's vision, who continues to control the group while overseen by 630 and 'Fox. Thus, Influence was born. On the 21st of June, 2017, the group opened its doors for recruitment. On the 7th of July, 2017, the doors were closed. Applications were reviewed during the time it was open, as well as the day following closure of the recruitment thread. Each applicant was given the opportunity to be recruited into any one of four distinct divisions, each with unique leaders, projects, and goals.

The divisions are defined as follows:

  1. General Help Division
  2. Coding Division
  3. Reviewing Division
  4. General Hacking Division

(To clarify the purpose of the Reviewing Division, members of the division are to review products of any type.)

However, the Coding Division has since been disbanded. Soon after, on the 16th of July, 2017, the doors were reopened. At this time, only two divisions are open to recruitment. However, one of the divisions is new and is dubbed the "GFX Division." The other division which is also open to recruitment is the aforementioned Reviewing Division. Due to the diversity and demand of the division, The General Hacking Division is comprised of three independent sectors, each led by a single, unique member of Influence. Sector leaders are to report to an assisting leader, who reports to Makaveli The Don.

The sectors for the General Hacking Division are defined as follows:

  1. Beginner Hacking
  2. E-whoring
  3. RATs & Crypting

Currently, no other divisions are segregated into individual sectors, as other divisions are not as diverse in nature. Leaders of each division/sector are identified as capable and responsible for choosing potential recruits. The logistics are such that a division/sector leader will compile a list of potential recruits, which is sent to executives of the group, who then send back a filtered version of the list which is based on each user's contributions, post quality, and general attitude, with which the corresponding leader will use to invite chosen applicants into the group.

Recruitment into the group, regardless of the division, requires that members meet the following requirements:

  • You must have no unresolved deal disputes.
  • You must have at least 100 posts.
  • You must have a positive reputation.
  • You must not have a warning level greater than 20%.
  • You must be active and social.

Current Status

Influence is inactive.