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A group of respected individuals that don't necessarily set out to impress, but to set an example.
Status: Defunct
Owner: Judge Dredd
Past Leaders buggaTibitiNviZTheHackersLove
Previous Iteration: Complexity
Next Iteration: Titans
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Due to the logistics of the group's transition (as discussed later), there was no formal introduction, and the group's directive was undefined outside of their motto. As it would appear, the group's primary intention was to form a group of notable, respectable individuals who aimed to influence the Hack Forums community positively by behaving as examples.

A group of respected individuals that don't necessarily set out to impress, but to set an example.


Upon the transition from Complexity to Infamous by the same owner, Judge Dredd. Which occurred on the 1st of April, 2014, recruitment into the newly-formed group became a priority due to many of the members of Complexity (and therefore Infamous) got removed. So, each month Judge Dredd proposed a one-time paid entry into the group on several occasions. In fact, on a monthly basis, stretching out to a total of three consecutive months. However, this is speaking purely for members. There is one instance in which a leadership position became available for purchase.

Membership recruitment

Firstly, the "Johnny's Apple Seed Paid Recruitment" was proposed on the 6th of April, 2014, for which members were expected to pay $79.00 (USD) via PayPal only. Three spots were available when the recruitment got initially proposed.
However, a couple of conditions applied:

  1. If you have a legit scam report on Hack Forums, then you will be denied membership.
  2. If you get kicked for violating the rules/policies of either Infamous or Hack Forums, then you must pay the full amount again to rejoin.

Secondly, the "Kick Off To Summer Paid Recruitment" got proposed on the 12th of May, 2014. While the price for entry remained the same, other terms and opportunities had been revisited seemingly the better. Firstly, 12 spots were available at the beginning of this juncture. Although, these places were filled approximately in a month. Secondly, rather than it being a PayPal-only transaction through bugga, applicants then had the opportunity to use BTC via Judge Dredd.

On the 18th of June, 2014, reopened recruitment with the intention of acquiring (in total) 150 members. Hence the title "The Road To 150 Members." The terms mirrored that of the previous recruitment proposal. However, with it was noted explicitly that an applicant who instigates a chargeback would be kicked and blacklisted from the group. Regardless of conspicuity, it is safe to assume that this goes for all prior and future recruitment into the group.

Leadership recruitment

After membership recruitment came to a satisfactory conclusion, a single leadership position became available for purchase on the 27th of June, 2014. Judge Dredd was quite clear and explicit on the terms and perks which an Infamous leader must abide upon acceptance of this opportunity.

  • A leader may add/remove members and will have the opportunity to create their own sector.
  • By making $1,000.00 (USD) monthly payments (at the first of each month) for this position, you agree that you will discuss the adding of new members with the owner of Infamous.
  • That you will follow and guide members using the handbook and rules of Infamous and Hack Forums to the very best of your ability, and treat all members within the group as a team member and work as such.
  • At any point, the group owner can remove you if you break any rules or policies whether it be Infamous's or Hack Forums's (in which case you will not be refunded).
  • Before you accept these terms make sure you have the full amount now and have a stable monthly income to pay the full amount for each following month.
  • You can cancel at the end of the month if you feel you no longer want to be a leader, but you will not get a full refund. However, you must notify at least one week in advance.
  • Ability to add/remove a limit of 10 members during the duration of your leadership. (You can only remove members you have added – removing other members added by other leaders will result in a warning, and the second offence will be the removal of your leadership status, in which case you will not receive a refund.)
  • Ability to create a sector and pick what you want to do with your chosen members (i.e. create a monetizing group by releasing products or having a small gaming group, etc.).
  • Ability to use my SMF freely along with the members you’ve added (Judge Dredd's Personally Approved Products and Services) following my set guidelines from within that section.

The group, despite these changes, didn't hold up in the end and it ended up being sold to Realizm to be rebranded into Titans.

Current Status

The group was sold to Realizm and rebranded into Titans.