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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 12-28-2010

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Aliases: N/A


Looking for IRC servers, iNviZ found Hack Forums and joined on December 28, 2010. Taking up interest in original Gamertag sales, his service started to grow as well as his presence in the Marketplace. Soon after that, he also started selling a Crypter as well as several network Stressers. He also got into the currency exchange scene with the member Qwazz. As one of the most influential names in the forum back in the days, he also did not escape impersonations and had his Skype account compromised as well.

Due to his contributions to the community, he was promoted to Mentor in the year 2011 and was reinstated back to the position in 2018. iNviZ also gained several distinguished awards such as the limited Qwazz Star, the Master Donator for his donations to the forum, the Member of the Month for October 2011, and he was also the second member to receive the FPS Gawd award as well.

I enjoyed donating 10% of what I made to HF and then I hung out with Omni and just became more involved and decided to start a group with TheHackersLove.

In February 2012, together with TheHackersLove, iNviZ bought a group from Omniscient and branded it as Propitious, which was rebranded to Infamous five months later. It was September of the same year that the group was sold off to the user Arzel and was rebranded to Zero. Infamous was then revived by the user Judge Dredd by rebranding his user group Complexity and reinstated former leaders of the group, including iNviZ and TheHackersLove.

Now a father of four and an owner of a company, iNviZ is looking forward to pick up where he left off. His current plans would be to get active in the Marketplace once more and bring back the old Infamous user group.


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