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The group is currently closed.


Group History

Group History

Not much is known about the history behind the formation of the Haunter Gang, however the first recruitment the group posted was on the 26th of August 2011, by the user Musky. The group had no set rules and accepted any member that paid a $10 entrance fee. The group had little to know rules inside of their subforum and was largely categorized as a troll/low quality group. This was exactly what some people were looking for, a friendly environment to socialize; while other users saw this as the epitome of low quality for others. On the 4th of October 2011, Omniscient commented and locked the Haunter Gang recruitment thread stating:

Group is suspended until balance is paid. Don't recruit.

The group was deleted and the owners were banned shortly afterwards.

Goal or Manifesto

Haunter Gang Or Die.


The group accepted $10 payments to be in the group for the lifetime of the group.

Group Images

Direct link to banner, ficon and userbar