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Welcome to the Hack Forums Frequently Asked Questions, on this page you will find previously answered questions which have been posted in the Rules, Announcements and Feedback section in recent history. This page will be updated regularly and all responses to these questions came directly from Staff and Mentors. This was originally created in threads by Starstruck, ӍeshCollider, and Chase before it was moved to the Wiki so it could be maintained more efficiently by Wiki Team Members and all members who decide to contribute to the Wiki. This page consists of the more frequent questions asked in the section and the final responses given to those questions. Please note, that not every answer may be currently valid as rules tend to change over time, if you find any mistakes, feel free to make an edit. Some of this content may be contained in the Help Documents, but several of these are not or have had revised rulings that have not yet been listed.

To save your breath and me the hassle, please use Ctrl+F then type in keywords to find the questions you're looking for.

Upgrade/Donation Questions

Who do I contact when I'm having Upgrade problems?

Contact Omniscient, he handles all upgrades and donations. If you have purchased an upgrade be patient, it may take over 48 hours in rare cases to receive your upgrade.

It's been over 48 hours and I haven't received my upgrade, what should I do?

If it has been over 48 hours, we suggest you PM Omniscient with your transaction ID.

How/Where do I upgrade?

To upgrade to L33T go here: http://hackforums.net/upgrade.php To upgrade to 3P1C go here: http://hackforums.net/upgrade.php To upgrade to Ub3R go here: http://hackforums.net/ub3rapply.php

If I upgrade to L33T and decide later to upgrade to Ub3R would I still have to pay full price for the Ub3R upgrade?

Yes, regardless to whether or not you are L33T or a non-upgraded member you still have to pay full price to upgrade to Ub3R.

How do I purchase awards?

The only awards you can purchase through donations are:

Price Currency Image
$20 BTC Emerald Donator (Award).png
$50 BTC Rich Bitch (Award).png
$200 BTC Benefactor (Award).png
$20 LTC Litecoinage (Award).png
$20 DASH DarkDash (Award).png
$20 DOGE Dogecoinage (Award).png
$20 ETH Ethereist (Award).png
1 BTC BTC Bitcoinage (Award).png
$25 BTC Gift (Award).png
$50 BTC Legalize It (Award).png
$100 BTC Brony.png
$500 BTC Master Donator (Award).png
$1000 BTC Grand Amethyst (Award).png

To view all of the donation awards go here: http://hackforums.net/buyawards.php Find the award you are trying to purchase. The amount you donate determines which Donator Award(s) you receive. If you have any further questions, please view this: Hack Forums Help Documents

If I upgrade my account can I post in the SRPP section/Marketplace?

Yes, you can also post in the SRPP section by having a prestige of at least 25. Upgrading will allow you to post in those sections. Also, members with positive reputation can post in all of the Marketplace with the below exemptions: Premium Sellers Section (L33t and Ub3r only) Server Stress Testing (Ub3r only) Cryptography and Encryption Market (L33t and Ub3r only) Online Accounts (Ub3r only) Non-Free Accounts (Ub3r only) Gamertags (Ub3r only) Currency Exchange (Ub3r to make threads, l33t to post)

What are the perks/features of upgrading?

A list of the features you will receive can be found here: http://hackforums.net/upgrade.php

Post/Thread Questions

HackForums Slang/Acronyms HQ - High Quality LQ - Low Quality, usually followed by M for member or P for posts OP - Refers to the original post, or who made the post in question, etc. RKO/RF/RK/RepKill - When all of a members positive reputation is removed. Sticky - When a thread is "stickied" above all of the other threads and stays on top. SRPP - Refers to the Science, Religion, Philosophy and Politics section. MOTM - Member of the Month HFNT - Hack Forums News Team Grave digging - Posting on an old thread which brings it up to the top of the list again. Please always check the post date of the thread you are replying to Flaming - Being offensive/rude/threatening to other members Trolling - Posting in a way to annoy other members, start arguements, take things off topic, etc. Usually classifies as LQP GLWS - Stands for Good Luck With Sales PBD - Stands for "Post, Bump, Delete". PBD is where you make a new reply in your thread, wait for another post, which bumps your thread then you delete the post. PBD is against the rules and has serious consequences.

I noticed the amount of posts I have just went down significantly, what is going on? There was a Junked Post purge and Post Recount on February 25, 2015 you can read Omniscient's announcement on this Here.

Are Introduction and Ask Me Anything threads allowed? Introduction threads are always closed/junked due to their repetitive similar replies. Ask Me Anything threads are also disallowed for lacking quality. Ask Me Anything Threads? by Omniscient

What is the maximum Post length? The post length varies based on what upgrades you have: Regular Members: 8,000 L33t: 12,000 Ub3r: 18,000 3P1C: 24,000

Originally all members were limited to 18,000 characters per post. You can read about the update here: Max Post Length by Omniscient

How do you use Spoilers/Code/Quote/YouTube/Soundcloud/Image code, etc.? You can take a look below in this thread for a list of codes you can use.

Why can't I post in Innuendo/SRPP? The minimum requirement to post in Innuendo/SRPP is to have at least 25 Prestige. You may also upgrade to gain posting privileges in those sections.

Why was my thread/post deleted/closed? Posts/Threads are junked/closed whenever they violate the sites rules. If you feel that your post or threads removal isn't justifiable contact a Staff member for further information as to why it was removed.

Are users allowed to require members to Post and PM for a contest? Post to PM Disallowed by Omniscient

Are users allowed to force people to post on a separate thread to enter a contest? Omniscient himself stated that as long as users don't require a post AND a PM for contests then it is allowed. You can read more about it here: Post to win contest (Reply) by Omniscient

Who should I contact if I want a thread moved? Contact a Staff member, try to refrain from contacting an Admin regarding this matter. Mentors no longer have the ability to move threads and Administrators should not be bothered with this task.

Are Social Engineering discussions allowed? Discussion of Social Engineering is not allowed. Social Engineering in most cases involves fraud/theft which is disallowed on the site. Report any threads that violate this policy. Is SE or SE related stuff Allowed by Tony Stark

Is discussion of legal torrents allowed? No discussion of torrents, legal or illegal is allowed on the forum. Regarding Legal Torrents by Omniscient

Are we allowed to create Lounge-Style threads in other sections? Based off of Omniscient's post here: The AA Lounge 11! (Reply) by Omniscient It appears as though he doesn't want members to create Lounges in other sections. That is why there is The Lounge, Gamers Lounge and Marketplace discussion.

Where can I ask for SST related products outside of the SST section? Any DDoS or server stress testing related threads must be made in the SST forum. If you can't post in that forum then you aren't allowed to post them anywhere else which includes the Free Services and Giveaway Section.

Where can I ask for free Netflix/Minecraft/etc. accounts? Non-Free Accounts can not be given away, so you cannot ask for free accounts. All NFA selling belongs in the Non-Free Accounts section, so if you cannot post there, you may not post anywhere else.

Are we allowed to create the same thread in multiple sections? No, this is considered cross-posting and will result in the threads being closed/junked and the poster may receive a warning. If you are a normal member and you incorrectly post a thread in the wrong forum, please report the post and Staff should move it for you without penalty.

Marketplace Questions

Am I allowed to giveaway Netflix, Hulu or other non-free accounts? No, giveaways of Non-Free Accounts are no longer allowed on the forum. You may however sell paid/subscription accounts in the Non-Free Accounts section.

Why can't I post in the Marketplace? To post in the Marketplace you must have positive reputation and for other sections you must be upgraded. Here is a list of sections that only upgraded users can post in: Premium Sellers Section (L33t and Ub3r only) Server Stress Testing (Ub3r only) Cryptography and Encryption Market (L33t and Ub3r only) Online Accounts (Ub3r only) Non-Free Accounts (Ub3r only) Gamertags (Ub3r only) Currency Exchange (Ub3r to make threads, l33t to post)

Am I allowed to sell Fandango accounts/Papa John's accounts? Absolutely not. Attempting to sell such accounts could potentially result in a ban. Read Omniscient's stance on it here: Ban Pizza Threads (Reply) by Omniscient Papa johns accounts (Reply) by Omniscient

Am I allowed to sell Steam Game codes? Help Documents > Disallowed Blackhat Activity Product Keys and Unlicensed Software Product keys, key gens, serials and software cracks are not allowed. This includes the selling, trading, or requesting of any illegal unlicensed product keys. HF is not a warez forum and we will no longer tolerate our site being used as one.

Unfortunately, Steam keys follow this rule. The only key that's allowed to be sold on this forum is Xbox Live Membership. You can however, activate the key on an existing account and then sell the account to bypass the serial keys rule.

Where can I sell my signature space? If you would like to open a thread offering to sell your signature space, please use the Service Offerings section.

What Xbox related requests/sales are allowed? Recently some changes were made and some clarification was given regarding Xbox related products on the forum. You can read more about it here: [Rule] Xbox Product Problems and New Policy by Omniscient

What do I do if I've been scammed? If you are scammed please use the Deal Dispute forum. Do not send staff a PM.

Are we allowed to sell Minecraft accounts? You are allowed to sell Minecraft accounts in the Non-Free Accounts section of the Marketplace, but only if you are Ub3r. You may not giveaway Minecraft accounts anywhere, or sell them anywhere else on the forum.

Am I allowed to make sales threads outside of the Marketplace? Absolutely not. Any marketplace style threads created outside of the marketplace will result in junking of the thread and warning/ban.

Am I allowed to release a ripped theme/site on the forum, even if it doesn't belong to an HF member? Just recently (on a junked thread) Omniscient stated that he doesn't allow any type of warez on this site, which is clearly stated in the rules. Also, I imagine it's very similar to this: A question regarding my warning by Ace Hood

Profile/Account Questions

Am I allowed to have multiple accounts? No. Members are only allowed to have one account, if you are caught multi-accounting you will be banned and possibly repkilled. There is however an exception to this if your account has been stolen or lost:

Why aren't non-upgraded/regular members allowed to posts links? Regular members are not allowed to post links because of a high-frequency of spammers coming to the forum to advertise. You can read Omniscient's post concerning this topic here: [Feedback] People who can't post links by Omniscient

My (family member, roommate, etc.) wants to use the forum, are they allowed to make an account? If you have an already existing Hack Forums account and your roomate or family member would like to join the community as well, they are more than welcome. However, if one account is banned/closed you can expect the other account to also be closed/banned along with it. Having more than one account per household is at your own risk.

What's the maximum size I can have my signature? Signature images can be no larger than 650x200 pixels and 500k size.

Why can't I upload an avatar from my computer? Only upgraded members can upload an image from their computer. You can however, upload the image to an image hosting site and use the image link to apply an avatar.

Can I advertise a stresser in my signature? No, stressers are no longer allowed to be advertised outside of the Server Stress Testing section. Failure to comply with this will result in a suspension of your signature privileges and a warning.

Am I allowed to sell my signature space? Yes, as long as you disallow anything that violates site policy you are more than welcome to sell your signature space.

Why did I receive a warning? Contact the member who issued you the warning for further details.

My account has been compromised, what do I do? Use the Contact Form, provide proof that the account is indeed yours; Registered E-Mail Address Previous Password Upgrade/Donation Transaction ID's Proof of IP For further information please read Factor8™'s thread concerning this issue: Account Recovery. by Factor8™

Why can't I log into my account? Use the Contact Form and await a response. Your account may have been compromised.

What counts as multi-accounting proof? Omniscient Wrote: I guess to try to answer your actual question. Proof that someone is multi-accounting can't be established by members. It can only be imho established by admins with access to account details. If you want to report someone for multiple accounts that's fine but we don't just grab a uid off a PM and close an account. Doesn't happen that way. I almost never look at anything that's off-site including screenshots from Skype, other forums, or pastebins that members cite as proof when it's more simply evidence which I can't verify.

I'm not going to outline the tools we have or the steps we take to investigate either.

My account was closed, what do I need to do? If your account was closed for violating site policies then you are no longer welcome on the forum. If you truly feel that your closure was a mistake then use the Contact Form and await a reply. Creating a new account will only hurt your chances of having the account re-opened.

Why can't I receive Private Messages? Check to make sure your inbox isn't full first. If it isn't full, then follow these steps: > User-CP > Left side. > "Messaging and Notification" > Tick the box "Receive private messages from other users."

How do I add someone to my Buddy List/Ignore List? > User-CP > Left panel under Miscellaneous. > Buddy/Ignore List.

Buddy/Ignore List

Why have my signature privileges been suspended? You must have been wearing something that violated the sites policies. Usually signatures are removed due to them being too large (beyond 650x200 or 500KB in size). If you would like to know exactly why your signature was removed and your privileges suspended contact a Staff member.

Why can't I send a PM? To send Private Messages you must first have 25 posts. If you still can't send a PM then you are either blocked by the user or their inbox is full.

What is Prestige? Prestige is a statistical number created by a mathematical formula based on your member stats. To read more: What is Prestige? by Omniscient

How do I get rep? Reputation is given out by upgraded members usually for quality contributions to the forum, or for successful trades in the marketplace. Do not ask for rep, instead attempt to earn some positive reputation through posting HQ content, being friendly, and helping other members.

Why can't I give rep? To give reputation points to users you must be upgraded. http://hackforums.net/upgrade.php

How do I get awards? We have multiple awards you can obtain via a donation. For example you can get the Green Emerald Donator award by donating $20 to HF. If you donate $50 or more to HF, you'll get the Rich Bitch award. All awards are for separate one-time donations. So to get Emerald and Rich Bitch you need to donate at least $70 in a single donation. We do not accumulate small donations toward awards. The Grand Amethyst is a $1000 one-time donation. You can use the auto-buy system to purchase an award for yourself of another member here: http://hackforums.net/buyawards.php [Image: VfKXV8V.png] Those are the only awards that can be purchased other than the "Sapphire of Ub3R" which is obtained through upgrading to Ub3R. Non-donation awards are given out by admins only. They are given out at their sole discretion. You cannot get an award by asking for one via PM. Awards are only occasionally given out.

How do I take a Vacation Ban? To take a vacation ban you must be Ub3R or 3P1C. You can find the "Self-Ban" option in the "Extras" page.

A user(s) is abusing the reputation system, what do I do? The reputation system isn't moderated nearly as much as it used to be. However, if the offense is severe enough Admins will help you. Take the time to read up on Rep Abuse before contacting an Admin regarding the matter. Help Documents > Reputation System

If I change my username, are other users allowed to steal my old username? You can take it as long as you don't use it to impersonate them. In other words don't act like a dick. Abusing this to trick others into being an Administrator, Staff, or Mentor will issue a ban and having your username reverted to your previous one. If they request to have their name back then you should do the right thing and give it back.

Forum/Access/Restrictions Questions

Why do I keep getting disconnected? (Connection Reset) Chances are we are having issues with CloudFlare. If you are ever having issues with connecting to the site it's always a good idea to check Omniscient's Twitter for information: Official Hack Forums Twitter

I'm asked to fill out a Captcha but the image won't load, what do I do? Clear your cache and try again. If it still isn't working try using a different web browser.

Why can't I connect to HF? Try clearing your cache and flushing your DNS. >Run 'Command Prompt' as Administrator. >Type: ipconfig /flushdns >Restart your connection If you are still having problems then I would recommend reading through this: Help Docs > HF Site Access Problems and Loading Errors

The FavIcon/Logo aren't loading, what do I do? Clear your cache and try re-loading the page. If the problem persists, try swapping to another web browser.

Which countries are blocked from accessing HF? Currently the Country Block List is not public. Hack Forums has many countries blocked. Country blocks are not a slur on the people of that country. These blocks represent problems with IPs originating from these countries. Many are part of botnets, rogue datacenters, and high crime locations. Country blocks are one effective way to eliminate "bad traffic". So don't take it personal. Do not ask for countries to be removed. Help Docs > HF Site Access Problems and Loading Errors

What do I do about SQL Errors? There's nothing you personally can do, just wait a little while and then try again. If you still can't connect after several minutes you can check for updates on Omniscient's Twitter: Official Hack Forums Twitter

Why can't I access HF on a VPN/proxy? The site has several VPN's and proxies blocked. You would be better off trying to connect using a home connection.

Group Questions

What is the purpose of groups? All the groups of Hack Forums have a topic(s) that they focus on. Being a part of a group grants you access to their private sub-forum which is only available to other members of the group. This allows you to have private discussions based on the topic(s) the group focuses on. To read a brief description about each group go here: Official Hack Forums Groups

Where can I find a list of groups? A list of groups, along with member counts and leaders, can be found on this page: Groups

How do I join a group? There are two ways to join a group. You can either apply via User-CP here: Group Memberships or you can apply through public recruitment threads released by the leaders of the groups. Recruitment threads can be found in the Groups and Crews General Discussion section.

How do I purchase my own group? You must first be Ub3R before you can own a group, you must also be approved by Omniscient. To purchase a group you must wait for a current group to be for sale, then contact the groups owner. Groups are not cheap, as they are currently valued at about $5,000.00 not including the $250.00 transfer fee you must pay Omniscient.

Can you buy membership into groups? Some groups do allow Buy-In's which will grant you access to their private sub-forum and the option to wear their custom userbar. Do note however, that you are not guaranteed permanent membership, as leaders are still allowed to remove you at their own discretion.

What do you gain from being in a group? Access to a private sub-forum and a custom userbar. Depending on the groups contributions you could potentially participate in exclusive group events, giveaways and contests.

Can I create an Unofficial group? Yes, you may create an unofficial group as long as the purpose of the group does not violate the sites policies.

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