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Welcome to the Hack Forums Q&A, on this page you will find previously answered questions which have been posted in the Rules, Announcements and Feedback section in recent history. This page will be updated regularly and all responses to these questions came directly from Staff and Mentors. This was originally created in threads by Starstruck, Mesh Collider, and Chase before it was moved to the Wiki so it could be maintained more efficiently by Wiki Team Members and all members who decide to contribute to the Wiki. This page consists of the more frequent questions asked in the section and the final responses given to those questions. Please note, that not every answer may be currently valid as rules tend to change over time, if you find any mistakes, feel free to make an edit. Some of this content may be contained in the Help Documents, but several of these are not or have had revised rulings that have not yet been listed.

To save your breath and me the hassle, please use Ctrl+F then type in keywords to find the questions you're looking for.

Upgrade/Donation Questions

Who do I contact when I'm having Upgrade problems?

Contact Omniscient, he handles all upgrades and donations. If you have purchased an upgrade be patient, it may take over 48 hours in rare cases to receive your upgrade.

It's been over 48 hours and I haven't received my upgrade, what should I do?

If it has been over 48 hours, we suggest you PM Omniscient with your transaction ID.

How/Where do I upgrade?

To upgrade to L33T go here: http://hackforums.net/upgrade.php To upgrade to 3P1C go here: http://hackforums.net/upgrade.php To upgrade to Ub3R go here: http://hackforums.net/ub3rapply.php

If I upgrade to L33T and decide later to upgrade to Ub3R would I still have to pay full price for the Ub3R upgrade?

Yes, regardless to whether or not you are L33T or a non-upgraded member you still have to pay full price to upgrade to Ub3R.

How do I purchase awards?

The only awards you can purchase through donations are: [Image: VfKXV8V.png]

To view all of the donation awards go here: http://hackforums.net/buyawards.php Find the award you are trying to purchase. The amount you donate determines which Donator Award(s) you receive. If you have any further questions, please view this: Hack Forums Help Documents

If I upgrade my account can I post in the SRPP section/Marketplace?

Yes, you can also post in the SRPP section by having a prestige of at least 25. Upgrading will allow you to post in those sections. Also, members with positive reputation can post in all of the Marketplace with the below exemptions: Premium Sellers Section (L33t and Ub3r only) Server Stress Testing (Ub3r only) Cryptography and Encryption Market (L33t and Ub3r only) Online Accounts (Ub3r only) Non-Free Accounts (Ub3r only) Gamertags (Ub3r only) Currency Exchange (Ub3r to make threads, l33t to post)

What are the perks/features of upgrading?

A list of the features you will receive can be found here: http://hackforums.net/upgrade.php

Post/Thread Questions

Marketplace Questions

Profile/Account Questions

Forum/Access/Restrictions Questions

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