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This is about the weekly news publication about Hack Forums. For the subforum in which editions are posted, see HF News (Forum).

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This is the HF News forum for weekly news editions. Check back here to find out about what's happening on Hack Forums every week. Thanks to Yin who founded this section and the HFNT, Writers who release the editions.



Editors are responsible for ensuring that journalists' articles are of exceptional quality by editing, revising, and proofreading them prior to publishing - this includes the checking of bb code for broken links and correcting improper formatting. Compilers are expected to have compiled each post of the HF News every Saturday, leaving Sunday for the Editors to complete their work. To equalize the workload, Editors' will regularly rotate their responsibility through each post of the HF News, as organized and assigned by the Editors' Schedule. (Should you feel the suspicion of plagiarism, you are expected to pursue the doubt, investigate, and inform Sir of your findings should they be conclusive. Plagiarism is unacceptable on any level and is a dismissable offence.)


Compilers are expected to compile their assigned post of the HF News in a timely fashion every Saturday. Which post you are supposed to cover may be determined by viewing the HFNT Members List and checking which specific position you are assigned. (1st = 1st Post, 3rd = 3rd Post, Reserve = Reserve, etc.) Using this information, you must use the proper canned format as located under Canned Post Formats and correctly compile it from the already-posted sections in the News group subforum.


Journalists must transcribe a variety of news into an easily-digestible form for the Hack Forums community every Friday. Your job is to research and write the news for your assigned section (often with a partner) on a weekly basis and without any degree of plagiarism. You are generally given creative control over the topics that you choose to cover, but the length of each article should be at least a paragraph - meaning four or five reasonably sized sentences. Make sure the title covers the entirety of the article's contents, focuses on the main idea, and is easily read. Also use this website to reference proper capitalization techniques. The number of necessary articles depends upon the section to which you are assigned and can always be found under Section Sizes. Always take the time to revise your article before you post it, our Editors are only there to catch anything that slips through the cracks.


Interviewers are given autonomy in regards to their interviewee, the questions they ask, and the color-scheme of their interviews (as long as it does not conflict with another interviewer's color scheme); however, each interview should contain at least 12 questions and be formatted correctly, as canned above in Canned Post Formats. Interviewees can be found in the Interview Applications thread stickied in the HF News section or selectively picked from the entirety of Hack Forums for nearly any reason. It is advised that you do not solely pick friends to interview and that members involved in notable or newsworthy events be given preference for interviews. It is also recommended that you keep a backup interview for emergencies.

Graphical Artist

Graphical Artists are in charge of an assigned portion of graphics for the HFNT. Typically these include the "GFX Gallery," "Comics," and thread layouts. Never, fucking ever, use puush for graphics. Imgur only.

Task Manager

Taskmaster will make sure articles get in on time by sending reminder PMs, organizing last-minute covering, and orchestrating the Reserves as a whole.


Overseer will log everyone's activity, punctuality, and reliability in a regularly-checked and reference-able location.