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Status: Closed
Join Date: 05-07

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Grin joined Hack Forums on May 7, 2011, to learn about the furry little rodent that could infect machines. He was disappointed with the layout of the site, and he decided to leave the forum, he forgot completely about it for eight months. His computer got infected and was unusable. No one in his family had the ability to assist him, and he asked someone at school for help. He met a user named Style who reintroduced him to Hack Forums. Grin gave the site another chance, this time he found the forum captivating. He focused more on what he "liked."

Style convinced him to upgrade "VIP" on the site. He paid him in cash, and Style upgraded him to L33T. After a couple of days being on the site, he discovered the iOS section. He told himself, "This is where I'm going to stay. I have found my paradise." Grin reached over 10,000 posts in the iOS and iDevices section!

His account got UB3R approval, but he didn't have the funds at that time. Bugga was running a giveaway at the time for Black Knights members only, and he was luckily enough to be one of the members to receive an upgrade. Grin didn't join the forum for "free stuff" nor did he join it to scam anyone. He stayed on it because he thought the forum was more entertaining than any game he has ever played. His most important parts of Hack Forums was the HF Writers. He was blacklisted from the writers at first, and was added once again but kicked right after. He was re-added by iHydra. After being on the site for four years, he didn't visit any particular sections. He would always hit the View New Posts/Threads a few times before he would close the tab.

In late 2015, he was involved in a scam of about $1,000. Omniscient decided to close Grin's account; Omniscient gave Grin the chance to pay back the user, if he did his account would be reopened.


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