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| Owner            = Sai
| Owner            = Sai
| Leaders          =  
| Leaders          =  
| PastLeaders      = Barneyyz™ {{o}} Unreputed {{o}} Sasori {{o}} [[iBruteforce]] {{o}} Flashy {{o}} [[Buzz Lightyear]] {{o}} [[Jack Daniel]] {{o}} [[Notorious Mental]] {{o}} [[Kantus]] {{o}} [[Etheryte]] {{o}} Rhythm {{o}} [[Kantus]]
| PastLeaders      = pins222 {{o}} Barneyyz™ {{o}} Unreputed {{o}} Sasori {{o}} [[iBruteforce]] {{o}} Flashy {{o}} [[Buzz Lightyear]] {{o}} [[Jack Daniel]] {{o}} [[Notorious Mental]] {{o}} [[Kantus]] {{o}} [[Etheryte]] {{o}} Rhythm
| PreviousIteration = -
| PreviousIteration = -
| NextIteration    = Fly By Night
| NextIteration    = Fly By Night

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Graphic Masters
Graphic Masters (Userbar).gif
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Graphic Masters are a group of art fanatics, experienced & new. Engage in GFX battles, share your artwork and discuss the methods & software used to create it.
Status: Closed
Type: Free
Owner: Sai
Past Leaders pins222 • Barneyyz™ • Unreputed • Sasori • iBruteforce • Flashy • Buzz LightyearJack DanielNotorious MentalKantusEtheryte • Rhythm
Previous Iteration: -
Next Iteration: Fly By Night
Graphic Masters (Banner).png


The Graphics Masters are a group of art fanatics. We strive to help out beginners with the basics, and assist experienced members to become even better. We engage in GFX battles and (digital) art discussion. Upon acceptance you'll be "classed" and assigned to a class group, more information will be given in the sub-forum.


The Graphic Masters were for beginner or experienced dedicated artists looking to learn and to help spread their own knowledge on creating graphics. The Graphic Masters were originally a free group. During March 2011, the group paid the fee to become an Official Paid Group. Sai was then promoted to the owner of the Graphic Masters because he helped to pay the $500 fee and was also seen as one of the best fit members to run the group. To join the group. one had to apply through its then-current recruitment thread, be knowledgeable in the art of creating graphics, willing to learn, and meet all of the requirements. Requirements for acceptance included the following:

  • Potential and great character.
  • A desire to learn more about graphic design & better your skills.
  • A desire to teach others, by either posting high quality ratings or tutorials.
  • A desire to take part in the GFX Battles.
  • A desire to share your graphic designs.
  • Activity
  • Acceptable grammar.

Current Status

The group was changed under the same ownership to Fly By Night while still maintaining a focus on graphics and arts.