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Grammar Rays
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Status: Active
Join Date: 05-02-2010

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I came to Hack Forums to learn how to host Call of Duty lobbies. I used to play COD with all my school mates and at this time I was interested in using Dreamweaver to try and make websites and explore what my computer could do. Naturally being the 'geekier' one in my group of friends, I started researching "tenth prestige lobbies" and stumbled across Hack Forums.

My goals have changed significantly over the last 5 years. When I first joined, I didn't really have any goals and I was just here to learn some stuff and leave. I then started coming across more and more on here and started to make it my goal to learn as much as I can from as many members and resources on here. I then realised that HF allowed me to express myself socially in a way I couldn't do in real life. I really did fit that "stereotype" of being anxious and depressed. HF and the Internet allowed me to be a different person and be sociable and confident. When I realised this, I became someone who wanted to be the popular guy. You know the guy who everyone knows, and I guess, even wants to be. This really did work as well. I had loads of rep, daily PMs from people wanting to just talk to me, and it did feel good. I had PMs from people saying they look up to me. Mad, I know. This led to my downfall though. I started getting overly cocky, overly confident, and a bit of an Asswipe (An award I held for a long time actually - got removed and replaced with the Grammar Nazi one in 2011/2012 though).

I got temp banned and repfucked a ridiculous amount of times, I was Limited a couple of times, and my account went through a lot. I got overconfident and thought I was untouchable. I was a bit of a dick really.

Wanting to become staff was a huge part of why I was trying to be confident, cocky, and a bit of a dick. I didn't want to make friends, I wanted to rip the shit out of everyone, and speak my mind. Not a good tactic, I understand in hindsight.

Now I am back, from my 2nd account closure, my goal is just to gain some respect. Make some actual friendships, and try to not be a dick.

I'm back and I want to reinvent myself, so I just need to get used to the forum again before my character is defined. Hack Forums has taught me a lot and I've actually done a lot offline as a result. I have founded a company, and went on to sell it after 2 years. I have got other various projects in development which only came about because of people I met on HF, or skills I have learnt here.


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