Grammar Nazi

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Grammar Nazi
Grammar Nazi (Award).png
You must have excellent grammar in your posts to achieve this award.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 49


The Grammar Nazi award is a rare award given out to members with nothing but the finest grammar and punctuation. Outstanding and impeccable grammar is a must. There have been instances wherein a recipient of the award attempted to find a substantial amount of forum-description grammatical errors.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
Kewlhotrod You've won this award through diligence. 06-07-2010
CrystuL Holy moly all those spelling and grammatical errors you found. 06-14-2010
Poppins You good grammar today. 01-13-2011
Smurfy You've easily earned this award. 03-09-2011
The Rated R Superstar For your excellent use of grammar on HF. 03-22-2011
Ruyuk STFU 05-01-2011
Grammar Rays On a Goodwill Monday you finally get your dreams fulfilled. 06-07-2011
Opulence Seek it no more. Justly deserved. 06-20-2011
Diabolic Deserving this do you a lot. 11-01-2011
DragScope is GONE :'( Style. 12-20-2011
EatSleepCode Nice catches. 12-28-2011
Emylbus The Oxford Comma loves you. 09-02-2013
Testaccountplsignore Greatest of them all. 12-10-2016