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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 01-20-2011

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Aliases: N/A


Genuine is a HF member who registered in January 2011. He is now a member of staff and is considered a notable member. Along with Glassy Genuine is a co-leader of the Red Lions. Genuine found HF while searching for information on Host Booters. Being an active gamer, he came across plenty of cheaters, after sending a voice message to a 'cheater' asking what shell booter he was using, Genuine found HF.

When Genuine signed up to HF he did not think that he would get past being a Ub3r member, however when asked Genuine stated

I always wanted to get the Jokester award. Main reason being because I love making people laugh & entertaining them as well'.

Respect. This is something that Genuine believes is very important within the HF community. For Genuine to gain respect he 'acted himself and treated others well'. Everyone deserves a little respect no matter what they have done in the past is something that Genuine strongly believes in. Also, something key to Genuine's success is that although some people may not like him he still tries his best to help everyone out. Other than some small choices that Genuine has made he holds no regrets and is happy with what he has achieved on HF.

Genuine enjoys being a member of staff but also admits that it can be extremely stressful at times, he says that at times work can be slow, which is good, because it allows some time to be taken for himself to just browse and post on the forum like a normal member. Overall Genuine thinks that being a member of staff is not as fun as you might think, however he enjoys the experiences that the position gives him. Something that Genuine would say to any upcoming members of staff would be 'Have a few last hours on the forum before accepting the invitation from Omniscient'.

Genuine believes that within the last few months HF has become an even better place. He thinks that the the trolling has stopped more that usual and the members are making the quality of the forum even more fantastic every day. Genuine says that he sees a lot of potential in many members and thinks that the current Admins are doing a fantastic job on maintaining the forum.

Following the demotion of Judge Dredd from his administrative position, Genuine was granted the position as operator of the Member of the Month contest, including moderator powers over the applicable subforums.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Interests include malware analysis and gaming