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Genius (Award).png
If you just have too much knowledge.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 6


The Genius award is the sixth award to be added to Hack Forums. The award is given out to those who are knowledgeable in many different fields or excel in a specific area. The award is the opposite of the Dunce award; while this award's icon sports a smiling face and an "A" associated with excelling grades, the Dunce features a frowning face and an "F".


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
Kurruppt2k You're too damn smart for your own good. 11-15-2008
raahul2008 For being a smart cookie in school. 08-08-2009
Psycho Excellent programmer. You really do know too much and your posts prove it. 01-11-2010
Theref Your programs are some of the best. 01-24-2010
g4143 Incredibly smart member. 02-25-2010
Garƴ You're a smart cookie. 05-03-2011
Paradoxum To do what you do everyday makes you a genius. 07-09-2011
m0n0p0ly You're smart to do all that homework. 09-05-2013
Matt39 Thanks very much for your HC plugin help. You're a true A+ genius. 09-19-2013
Goodies Keep up that knowledge and use it wisely. 09-29-2014
glockbuster I'm thinking you think a lot. 01-07-2015
Isidar An important academic. 01-15-2016
Cibor A genius move indeed. 03-22-2016
BahNahNah It has an item number. 04-12-2016
Confound Do your homework and get an A. 08-02-2016
Adlil You now officially have an A+ in HF Math. 09-30-2016
Ronan. Research, research, and more research. 12-03-2016
Th4nat0s x = n*(a+b)/a*b 03-20-2017
Steve Smart just means you ain't that dumb. 04-10-2017
AJ911 You make great posts about investing. 06-08-2017
xadamxk That was a great analysis worthy of an A+. 02-04-2018
Zinedine Zidane Amazing post about Bitcoin status. 02-05-2018