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The Flamer award is the 12th award to have been added to Hack Forums. Some users say that this award is particularly difficult to obtain, because it involves breaking or nearly breaking the first rule of Hack Forums:

"1. Members are not allowed to engage in threatening behavior toward other members. This includes flaming."

As such, the award is relatively rare.

Users who have obtained this award are known to be cleverly vulgar or bold. Intentional low quality flamers are unlikely to be recognized.

As of July 2013, 11 members have been given this award.

The official description of this award is:

You just ripped someone a new asshole.

The Award



There are no set conditions required to earn this award, however a user must be cleverly bold or overbearing towards other users or Omniscient. No user will earn this award by being of low value, or by expressing themselves with excessive vulgarity and insults. So it seems, only users of relatively high stature/value who generally abide by the rules are likely to be awarded. It is advised that users do not put effort into obtaining this award, because flaming is against the rules and they will be given an infraction if their posting etiquette isn't civilized in nature. Be clever, not annoying!


To see a current list of which members have this award, click here.