Fish Err Man

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Fish Err Man
Fish Err Man (Award).png
This is for those who own an aquarium and love to care for fish.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 52


The Fish Err Man award is rewarded to members for their love of all things aquatic and fishy.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
Qwazz Clever. Thanks for feeding my fish. 12-16-2010
McLOVIN Saltwater aquariums are cool. 01-11-2011
Gebove You have some nice tanks. 06-02-2011
Sync™ You have a nice clean aquarium. 08-21-2011
630 My what lovely tanks you have. 11-22-2012
Kray You gotta share that video on HF. It's hilarious. 12-05-2012
Melting Tires Nice tank you have with amazin coral. 04-08-2013
ЯѲβ ӍѲβ WTF that's a lot of tanks and fish. 04-29-2014