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Forum: Profile
Status: Closed
Join Date: 07-09-2012

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Aliases: N/A


Evangelist joined Hack Forums July 9th, 2012 in order to learn the arts of hacking. His plans shifted from strictly hacking posts to casual interactions with other members. Evangelist wanted to attain notoriety, but saw this as an impossible goal. His secondary goal with Hack Forums was to become a group leader, which was achieved when he was promoted to leader of The Empire.

Evangelist's debate threads represent his biggest contribution to date, with topics ranging from Philosophy to Satanism to World War II history. His defining contribution to this date is his thread about Satanism, co-written by #Thunder. Each page is 10,000 characters, the only detailed thread about Satanism on that whole section, with more than 150 replies.

In May 2015, Evangelist had his account closed by Omniscient when it was discovered that his account was stolen and did not have two-factor authentication enabled. This closure was in relation to a scam report on Evangelist. Omniscient's direct response can be found here.


  • Former Empire leader

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

Offline, Evangelist is focused on his marriage and parenthood. In his earlier years he enjoyed skateboarding, freerunning, and kick-boxing. Online, his focus is on learning controversial and debatable topics; as a debater, he always scavenges topics ranging from Science, Religion, Paranormality, Occultism and Morality. He has no passion for a skill like hacking. He is already a certified Network Administrator and Computer Technician, but he does not go in depth of these topics while on HF.