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Award Name Reason Date Given
Sapphire of Ub3r Thanks Monday, 14th February, 2011, 06:18 am

Notable Positions

  • Writ3rs Wiki Team: Right Hand Man & Head Publisher
  • The Alliance: Head Mentor
  • De-facto Writ3rs Wiki Team co-leader
  • Writ3rs Wiki Team Leader.


Ethereal was introduced to Hack Forums through gaming. During a Halo 3 match with his friends, a member of the opposing team utilized a hostbooter. It was this member that convinced Ethereal to register at Hack Forums and offered him related services to the booter. Although Ethereal signed up, he didn't really see the point of the website at first. Ethereal returned a month later with an interest in programming and the programming forums, however, he wasn't welcomed with the most warmth due to his demeanor and attitude around the forums.

Ethereal applied for entrance into The Alliance and was accepted at 130 posts and 23 reputation points. The acceptance into The Alliance and further earned responsibilities encouraged him to keep posting. His experience with The Alliance was positive enough to get him to be a regular poster, stay involved and contribute to the forums, through Alliance activities at first. In an interview, he has stated:

TA has shaped me, and directly, you can place responsibility (or perhaps blame, eh?) on persons such as Paradoxum and other TA veterans... The Alliance is I think now the longest standing legacy group; its manifesto has always been to develop people and aid them in increasing their knowledge on subjects of interest to them.

Outside of The Alliance, Ethereal has branched out into other groups. In the Writ3rs, he is the Right Hand Man to leader Viral Dragon and carries much of the responsibility of the group. He was recruited under the original leader of the Writ3rs, ITylerallen. After problems in leadership led to Viral Dragon heading the group, Ethereal was promoted to Head Publisher and Right Hand Man. Ethereal was granted temporary co-leadership of Writ3rs with D3xus after Viral Dragon fell ill for a considerable amount of time. Upon Viral's return, Ethereal resumed his position as Right Hand Man, and still carries a lot of leadership responsibility.

Personal Life

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  • Listening to a wide variety of Music, as well as playing the piano, violin, organ.
  • Singing, Composing pieces, and performing at concerts.
  • Sports, such as rugby, cricket and general athletics.
  • Enjoyed competitive chess in the past.
  • Programming
  • Writing
  • Television series (Dexter, Supernatural, Fringe etc.)

Notable Events or Controversies

  • Participation in initiatives such as The Alliance's TAFWA
  • General assistance in beginner hacking and computing as part of TAFWA