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Enigma (Userbar).png

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Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Owner: zSerity
Leaders Armada • Tear • Roger Waters • LUCKYMR7 • Saffron • Nuworld
Past Leaders Λaron • Ventures • Βusiness • Satan • Ginsum • Magicmann • Realizm • Ninetales.
Previous Iteration: Crypto
Next Iteration: Aequitas
Enigma (Banner).png


Enigma stands as a unification of knowledge, cooperation, development, and utilization of all aspects in regards to technology, and technological advancement. The group was redesigned into "Enigma v2" in 2016, which carried over the exact name, but the graphics and direction of the group were changed. Just like the group's predecessor, "Crypto", a group where everyone is learning in a like-minded environment, Enigma will tackle the same sort of idea.

"They Shall Mount Up With Wings As Eagles; They Shall Run, And Not Be Weary; They Shall Walk, And Not Faint."


The group was later sold to ra1d, who became the new owner of this group. The user ra1d then rebranded the group into "Aequitas".

Current Status

Group is not recruiting.