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Group History

Eminence is a group for those interested in pursuing more in depth knowledge, particularly in the fields of security, networking, and webmastery. The group goes about living up to its mission statement through discussions held both in the group's private subforum and official Skype chat, as well as member-provided tutorials and other content. In the past the group has been run very much so by the general populace of the subforum, with members electing a council of leaders to represent their intentions for administrative decisions. As of 2013, the group has become WiFi Gang, after WiFi paid the $250 fee to change the group userbar, ficon and description. All members of the old Eminence group were removed at the time of the group being changed.

Goal or Manifesto

We're a group of knowledgeable members, in the areas of networking, security, web mastering, and more. We constantly teach others, and learn from each other as well. We are more of a free roam group and are not focused on one specific subject in web fundamentals.


  • Must be a member of HF for at least 2 full months.
  • Must have at least 350 posts.
  • No spamming or low quality posting.
  • No open or unresolved scam reports.

Group Change

After a failed attempt on WiFi's part to sell the group, it was changed into WiFi Gang to reflect WiFi's passion for music production and listening.

Group Images

Banner: File:Eminence banner.gif

Userbar: File:Eminence userbar.gif

Ficon: File:Eminence ficon.png