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| Owner = ViewsFromThe6ix
| Owner = ViewsFromThe6ix
| Leaders =  
| Leaders =  
| PastLeaders = [[Soulmate]] [[Realizm]]
| PastLeaders = [[Realizm]]
| PreviousIteration = Arcane
| PreviousIteration = Arcane
| NextIteration =  
| NextIteration =  

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Don't be afraid of the shadows that hide the light.
Status: Active
Type: Paid
Founded: 12th, November 2016
Owner: ViewsFromThe6ix
Past Leaders Realizm
Previous Iteration: Arcane


"The Eclipse is a group of members that work together to share knowledge within the sub-forum to learn and help contribute to the community of Hack Forums in any way possible."

The group has already contributed towards the forum in a positive way. Their services include giveaways and free, trusted middleman services.


The group was originally Arcane before ViewsFromThe6ix bought the group and decided on its current iteration. The group focuses on sharing knowledge within the sub-forum to learn from and use to help contribute to the community of Hack Forums in any way possible. Around December 2016 the owner of Eclipse ViewsFromThe6ix received a custom Hack Forums award to give out. The first Eclipse related award was given out to Hash G on the 30th of December as the winner of the Eclipse 2016 member of the year nomination.

Current Status

Recruitment is closed.