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| GroupName        = Echo
| GroupName        = Echo
| GroupBanner      = Echo (Banner).png
| GroupBanner      = Echo (Banner).png
| GroupUserbar      = Echo (Userbar).png
| GroupUserbar      = Echo 2 (Userbar).png
| Userbar2          = Echo 2 (Userbar).png
| Userbar2          = Echo (Userbar).png
| Userbar3          =  
| Userbar3          =  
| GroupDesc        = A lounge group for talented individuals.
| GroupDesc        = A lounge group for talented individuals.

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Echo 2 (Userbar).png
Echo (Userbar).png
A lounge group for talented individuals.
Status: Active
Type: Paid
Founded: January 11th, 2015
Owner: Arrow
Leaders None
Past Leaders The Sky DaddyBonfire.UnderstalkerTommyHaydrazs
Previous Iteration: Enterprise
Next Iteration: -
Echo (Banner).png


What we do in life echoes in eternity. We are looking for active people who enjoy posting on non related subjects, talking shit with each other, and just generally having fun. It is also mandatory you join our skype group conversation.


Echo was purchased from Sol Yurick, also known as Astonish, by Arrow. The group was originally focused on Server Stress Testing, with a recruitment thread stating the following:

Echo is an official group dedicated to Hacking and SST. We consist of only the most skilled users of their field. We are looking for future members to join our ranks, and take up a position in Echo.

After the group leaders discussed the group's future, they rededicated Echo to be a Lounge-type group with few rules and restrictions.

After a long talk with the members and leaders, we have decided to change the group direction for Echo. It is now a Lounge group for members to hang out and have fun without any post requirements.

Thus far, the group has indeed spread its borders into many different faces, with a plethora of tutorials and giveaways having been conducted for members to participate in.

Current Status

  • Recruitment is open as of July 27th, 2015.