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Eagle 95
Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 12-23-2009

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Eagle 95 first found Hack Forums while randomly browsing the internet searching for information on hacking. He liked the look of the forum, and joined immediately to learn the art of hacking.

Eagle 95 found many useful tutorials on how to hack, and first got interested in RATting, which he did well at but regrets not monetizing his bots. Soon after, to improve his skills, he joined the group D.S. Inc which was led by The Rated R Superstar. Eagle 95 then went on to join RATs Crew, Philker, The Wraith, and Black Knights, before leaving RATs crew because he felt the leaders were pushing members too hard and members weren't getting much in return except the userbar. Because of his membership and contribution in Black Knights, the member Maximo Decimo Meridio decided to upgrade him to L33t.

Eagle 95 was having a lot of fun "hacking," but soon that desire turned toward becoming a white hat & learning about websites. That meant regularly helping in White Hat Help and the Webmasters tab. His ambitions were to get into HiJack This! Team, Reviewers & The Alliance.

As time passed, Eagle 95 wanted to become Ub3r to qualify for Reviewers. A member called D_e_T_o_X brought this wish to reality by gifting him Ub3r. To make things even better, he got invited by Infallible to join the HJT training program. It was a pleasant surprise, but sadly Eagle 95 had to turn down the offer due to study commitments IRL. He was invited into the Reviewers a bit later, as well as becoming a member of The Alliance. Eagle 95 met many great people in The Alliance, and that was the best experience he has had on HF.

After groups had become paid, The Alliance was disbanded, and Omniscient was blocking Eagle 95's country on and off which caused a massive drop in his activity. He was somewhat active from 2013 to 2015, but Eagle 95 made a full comeback in 2016.

On January 10, 2017, Omniscient promoted Eagle 95 to Probational Staff.


  • Current Staff member

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Has given away a lot of money-making eBooks.