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Status: Active
Join Date: 02-17-2014

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Aliases: N/A


Dorrance first encountered Hack Forums when searching for DDoSing scripts. He ran a stresser on the side but had never actually seen what the market looked like. Through exploring the forum, he discovered just how big the stress testing market was. It was somewhat of a gold mine, like the educational information that he could find on the site. It was from this that Dorrance began exploring more avenues. He delved into greyhat areas, as well as touching on pentesting and digital forensics, trying to learn as much as one could. This led to falling in love with the forum and all that it had to offer.

As time went on, Dorrance became more active in the group scene. The first group he ever became a part of was Legion, of which he recalls getting along well with the people in charge. He joined other groups in later months, including The Brotherhood, where he made many good friends. In an attempt to branch out, Dorrance explored the cryptocurrency scene that had been gaining attention. It was a new concept that seemed odd at first glance. Through Hack Forums' cryptocurrency section, he learned about what cryptocurrencies were and how they worked. Thanks to what he was able to learn, Dorrance ventured into investing in these novel coins and was able to build up his portfolio. Through this, he also began entering the currency exchange market.

While being active in the group scene, Dorrance was a leader of multiple groups. Towards the start of 2019, Dorrance went on to purchase a group from the user Notorious. This was then rebranded into Masterminds and later sold at the end of 2019. The group remained Masterminds and in April of 2020, he bought it back with a big mission of reviving it. It is there that he spends most of his time spreading the knowledge that he learned on the forum with his group members. Dorrance obtained an official award that he owns titled Ghoul for his notable donations and wisdom. It is loosely linked to his group.

Many Hack Forums members who make money thanks to what they learn on the site like to give back and Dorrance is no exception. He has stated that one thing he is "fond of doing is helping others and giving back to the community." His official group, Masterminds, has hosted numerous giveaways and contests in its name.

One of Dorrance's personal goals is to try and end each day learning something new, whether it be something small or something incredibly advanced. It's the idea of gaining knowledge that he sees as beneficial. He uses the phrase "knowledge is power" when talking about his motivation for this goal. Throughout the years, it's the projects and experiences on Hack Forums that have taught Dorrance more than a classroom ever could about surviving in the real world. Through his experiences, he has become more business-oriented and marketable.


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