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Status: Active
Join Date: 12-16-2008

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Deities joined Hack Forums on December 16, 2008. First, he wanted wanted to learn how to code. That slowly evolved into a desire to design and create. In the past, he's worked with MyBB, graphic design, various coding projects, online integration, and many projects that are still running today. Kindly enough, he stayed for the friendships even though his main intentions were learning.

His goals when signing up were how to code game hacks He was fascinated by the coding and how one could complete something so wonderful. Over the years he's taken many lessons, but eventually moved on to more viable things that could be used any day. He was asked if he achieved any of these goals and responded back with:

The goals I have set from the start of HF were vague, but I have learned a decent amount of coding, mostly HTML and online forum code based. I have also made a ton of friends and stayed true to my 'newer' goal of having a minimum amount of posts while still being apart of the community.

He's been leader of multiple groups such as The Alliance and many more. Deities has designed multiple official Hack Forums graphics and sponsored many events. He believes that all of the actions he has done altogether has to his current standing in the community. Deities is one of the only members to have a much higher reputation count than his post count.

He was asked if anyone had a lasting impact on him and his response was:

All the members from our 'MSN' life during The Alliance. (They know who they are). As for a single picked out member. Paradoxum has to be the best all around member I could ever select.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Coding
  • Graphic Design