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If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: February 26, 2015
Owner: 'Fox
Past Leaders Roger WatersD3xusAnonNinja™'SnorlaxOdusUnderstalkerKillαMuvzNex+Salty Bacon
Previous Iteration: Phoenix
Next Iteration: Divine
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Debug is a group which will help Hack Forums members learn how to code. Debug's aims are to teach other Hack Forums members how to code in one or more of many different languages so that they can pursue professional coding careers or profit from their coding knowledge in various ways. Debug had classes where they would teach members how to code. Students were taught a variety of things within coding, computing, and also networking.


Debug rose in the wake of an argument involving Tibit, owner of the group Phoenix, and Omniscient. Omniscient took ownership of the team and enacted a Bitcoin auction to sell it; Tibit would receive the profit of the sale, and refund any Phoenix member who had purchased spots in the group. 'Fox emerged as the highest bidder, with a bid of 31.5 BTC (at the time of sale, equal to $6835.5 USD).

'Fox sold the group to Nex+ on May 31st, 2015; the Debug name and ideology were retained through the sale, as Nex+ was equally passionate about coding as 'Fox was.

Current Status

The group was Purchased by the user "Nex+"