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Profile Link



Award Name Reason Date Given
Emerald Donator Oh yea life goes on...long after the thrills of living is gone. Thank you. Wednesday, 21st September, 2011, 07:01 am
Support Feather 100 posts Tuesday, 4th October, 2011, 04:53 pm
Sapphire of Ub3r Thanks Saturday, 15th October, 2011, 06:03 pm
Sticky Man http://www.hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=3004471 Tuesday, 26th February, 2013, 06:58 am
Member of the Month June 2013 07-05-2013, 05:04 PM

Notable Positions

  • Leader of former group Techsperts
  • Leader of former group Rhythm
  • Leader of Writers Wiki team and Docs team; past member of the HF News team
  • Head of iDevice sector in The Alliance
  • Infamous Veteran
  • MRT Student
  • Red Lions FA Facilitator


Like so many others before him, D3xus first came to Hack Forums after various Google searches on generic hacking.

Jacking an Xbox Live tag. Hacking a website. Getting access to cool things. The naive things.

In most cases, the searches led him to Hack Forums, where he quickly discovered that limited as he was by his guest account, he would not be able to view any of the threads. After numerous attempts at circumventing this, he gave up and registered an account on the June 6, 2011. Originally, he had planned to go by DXTechHelp, but he felt that the name was

...too long and oblate.

His choice of the name D3xus was broken down into two parts. The "D" in his name would stand for Danny Phantom, his favorite childhood cartoon, while the "3" and "xus' were added for effect.

After posting an introductory thread, an unknown member suggested that D3xus take part in the discussion in the iPhone and iPod Touch section (now iOS and iDevices) as a result of D3xus mentioning his passion for jailbreaking and the like. Due to a then lack of individuals knowledgeable in the practice and an increasing number of people who needed help, D3xus was immediately able to, in his own words;

...dominate the subforum.

As all staying members do, D3xus was inevitably drawn to the various user groups making their presence known around the forum. With his knowledge in computing and a love of gaming, D3xus joined Eminence and Reverence, two groups whose focus on coding and computing-related matters appealed to him. After some time, he eventually left the groups due to events occurring in his personal life and school-related matters.

From here, D3xus's story stagnates until around February of 2012, the turning point of his Hack Forums journey, signified by his joining of the three Hack Forums usergroups: The Alliance, Techsperts, which D3xus led for some time and the Red Lions.

While D3xus feels that The Alliance is the group which has had the greatest impact on him as a member of Hack Forums, the experience that shaped him into what he is today would have to be his promotion to a leader of Techsperts. As a longtime member of the group, with his promotion, D3xus sought to and tried his utmost to uphold the group's former image, but with its change into Rhythm, he

...all but gave up on the group.

However, through his efforts, D3xus was able to glimpse into the driving force of the owner and the path which he was intent on following, as well as becoming more aware of the forum and its members on the whole.

However, following the group's change to Rhythm, D3xus's management abilities were severely curtailed, with Positive, the new owner of Rhythm unwilling to place full trust in D3xus as a result of having been "deceived" by other leaders and as such, exercising his full paranoia. At this point in time, Rhythm had opened leadership positions to anyone who could pay and D3xus, having felt as though he had let down the group and feeling upset with how Rhythm presented itself, was soon asked to step down to make way for another.

A way out... he demoted me and I became known as +Entity.

Having been presented with an escape from a role which he had felt he had failed to prove himself deserving of, D3xus accepted his demotion as a way of not only "repenting" as such, but also as a fresh start. With this opportunity, D3xus changed his name to +Entity, representing:

...an enigma serving others and to assist the forum therein.

However, at the same time, his work in The Alliance had not gone unrewarded with D3xus rising to the position of leader of the iDevice sector. Of course, given that many of its members have risen from the ranks to positions of Staff and Mentor, his statement is not without merit or proof. When asked to speak on his opinion of The Alliance, though he could not give any specifics as to what the group did, D3xus was able to say, not without a considerable amount of pride:

...a great group of members who are all extremely intelligent and are willing to share their knowledge with one another as well as with the rest of the forum. TA is filled with members who don't conform to the norm and set out to create their own norm, so to speak.

As to D3xus's status in the Writers usergroup, he was much more open, even going so far as to give a statement as to the purpose of the Writ3rs.

Writ3rs--two factions that serve forum documentary content. The Wiki team, which I co-lead with Ethereal, creates the Hack Forums Wiki which will consist of all information relevant and related to Hack Forums. The News Team, which I was a member of (currently I am not,) publishes the weekly HF News, consisting of all the major events and happenings of that week on the forum.

With Viral Dragon, the leader of the Writ3rs Wiki team incapacitated due to illness as of some time ago (and still is), D3xus asked if Viral Dragon would be back to lead the team. However, with Viral Dragon himself unsure of his return, D3xus asked if he could maintain and co-lead the group with Ethereal, Viral Dragon's then-right-hand-man since before his departure. With the agreement of both members, D3xus set about kick-starting the Wiki team and cajoling the Writ3rs in an attempt to

...hopefully reboot the long dormant Wiki machine.

While much of D3xus's history took place behind closed doors and in the secrecy of group sub forums and PM's, his most famous achievement could be said to be the thread which he received his Sticky Man award for--the compilation of all current official Hack Forums groups. Having tried to create a similar thread approximately a year ago, D3xus was placed directly in competition with Dread Pirate Roberts (then alabama) who posted a similar thread at roughly the same time. This of course, led to a disagreement between the two, which was quickly resolved with D3xus stepping aside and allowing him to take the spotlight. Eventually though, the effort of maintaining the thread got too much Dread Pirate Roberts lost the said award. As his thread collapsed, many others tried to create their own version of a legitimate official groups thread, with Viral Dragon himself working on one with D3xus's assistance in image rendition and graphics work, which, regrettably, was unable to be continued as Viral Dragon fell ill. D3xus set about giving the matter a second go. Knowing he would not be able to get around the 5 images per post and character limits, he created the thread with this in mind, leaving himself room to edit and make changes as time progressed. After a month of toil, the thread was ready for presentation, earning D3xus the Sticky Man award.

Since the beginning, D3xus has entrenched himself, establishing this user as one of the more prominent members here on Hack Forums. Having certainly spent time enough on the site and the opportunity to join over ten groups on the forum, including Infamous, illuminati, Void and The Empire., one could say that he has thoroughly lived the group experience.

In April of 2013, D3xus was accepted into the MRT training program, having passed two stages of tests to evaluate his drive and intellect.

In May of 2013, D3xus was directly involved in resolving the damage done by RyanC after he hacked Tibit's account, removed all Empire members and moved every thread to the Lounge. Over the course of 24 hours, D3xus moved approximately 85,000 posts worth of Empire content including Lounges, debates, internal threads and more. He now resides as an honorary member of the group.

In July of 2013, he won the Member of the Month award for the month of June, ending a 11 month streak of winners who had currently or previously possessed the Master Donator award.

The results of the culmination of his two year stay on Hack Forums?

Don't look back unless you're planning on going that way. And never take things for what they are. Always go the extra mile, do the research and uncover the lies and dirt above everything.


  • iDevice repair and assistance
  • iDevice jailbreaking
  • Computer programming
  • Graphic arts
  • Photography
  • Playing Halo & Borderlands 2
  • Snow and water skiing
  • Hanging out with friends

Notable Events or Controversies

  • Moved over 85,000 posts from The Lounge to the Empire subforum, following RyanC's hack of Tibit's account
  • Involved with several reformations of Techsperts