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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 06-05-2011

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D3xus first came to Hack Forums after various Google searches on generic hacking. He was interested in what he called the "naive things," like hijacking an Xbox Live gamertag, hacking a website and "getting access to cool things." Once on Hack Forums, he found that the forum limited guest accounts from viewing threads. Despite trying to circumvent this, he registered an account.

After posting an introductory thread, a member suggested that D3xus take part in the discussion in the iPhone and iPod Touch section (now iOS and iDevices) after D3xus mentioned his passion for jailbreaking and the like. Due to a lack of individuals knowledgeable in the practice at the time and an increasing number of people who needed help, D3xus gained notability in this forum.

D3xus was drawn to the various user groups making their presence known around the forum. He joined Eminence and Reverence, two groups whose focus on coding and computing-related matters appealed to him. After some time, he eventually left the groups due to events occurring in his personal life and school-related matters.

In February of 2012, he joined The Alliance and Techsperts. He led Techsperts for some time, then joined the Red Lions. The Alliance had the greatest impact on him and was helped what shape his leadership with Techsperts. However, when Techsperts changed into Rhythm, he found himself giving up on the group, especially after conflicts with Rhythm leader Positive. He changed his name to +Entity around this time.

In The Alliance, he was promoted to leader of the iDevice sector. He also joined the Writ3rs group, and co-lead the Wiki Team with Ethereal while group leader Viral Dragon had been hospitalized for a time. He has also joined over ten groups on the forum, including Infamous, Illuminati, and Void. He was also accepted into the MRT training program in April of 2013.

In May of 2013, D3xus was directly involved in resolving the damage done by RyanC. RyanC hacked Tibit's account, removed all Empire members and moved every thread to the Lounge. Over the course of 24 hours, D3xus moved approximately 85,000 posts worth of Empire content including group lounges, debates, internal threads and more. He remains an honorary member of The Empire.

D3xus earned the Sticky Man award for the compilation of all current official Hack Forums groups. This was not the first thread of its type to try and compile all of the current Hack Forums groups, with one posted by Dread Pirate Roberts (then alabama). This lead to a disagreement between the two, which was quickly resolved when D3xus stepped aside and allowed him to take over. After Dread Pirate Roberts fell behind on his compilation, there was an explosion of other people trying to compile their own group threads, including Viral Dragon working with D3xus on a thread, which was discontinued as Viral Dragon was hospitalized. D3xus set about giving the matter a second go, working with the image and character limits of the forum. It took a month for the final thread to be prepared.

In July of 2013, he won the MOTM for the month of June.

On August 27th, 2015, D3xus created a final thread titled I'm leaving Hack Forums. Good night. I'm out.


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