Cyber Gentlemen

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Cyber Gentlemen
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Cyber Gentlemen is a group for knowledgeable and skilled individuals who act respectfully to those who deserve respect.
Status: Active
Type: Paid
Founded: 10-06-2018
Owner: TrustWoofer
Leaders Mr. Robot


Cyber Gentlemen is a group of knowledgeable and highly skilled individuals who act respectfully, at all times, to those who deserve respect. The users in this group have expertise ranging from cybersecurity to writing to cryptocurrencies, amongst many others, and aim to use these skills for the greater good.


Cyber Gentlemen was announced by Mr. Robot on the 6th of October, 2018.

The group is known for having some of the most skilled and most respectful users on HackForums.

Current Status

Cyber Gentlemen remains Active. Whilst recruitement is currently closed, buy-ins are available and also support one of the group's projects.