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Join Date: 03-14

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Cryptic™ found Hack Forums in 2011 while looking for RuneScape Hacks. He made an account, lurked around for 30 minutes and completely forgot about the forum until March 2012.

During his time away from Hack Forums Cryptic was running his own two RuneScape Private servers. The first being Axscape which was based on Dodian 2.0 and ImpulsePK being the second, which was based on ProjectInsanty. Both were huge RSPS's with 200+ players and were very popular. At the time he didn't know he could make money online, so he ran the servers out of his own pocket and didn't make a cent from it.

Eventually Cryptic started volunteering for an online free WebHost called IsMyWebsite. He made his way up through the company and eventually became head of the Abuse Department.

Cryptic somehow found his way back to Hack Forums in March 2012 and noticed there was a hosting section in the market place. He then set up his own sales for Cryptic Hosting which he merged with Eden Hosting. Eventually they unmerged and the thread is currently sitting in the Synergy SF so you will not be able to see it, but it has 43 pages and close to 500 replies from 2012/2013.

I realized that HF had a big untapped market, so I started up multiple products such as a booter (Which I shut down September 2013). Now I provide private hosting to many HF users, and I sell VPN's. Hack Forums has a very big market place, which, if you can take advantage of properly, you can reap some really great rewards. I've made close to 150K off of HF over the years and I am excited to see what the future holds.

I've been on Hack Forums since high school and now I'm nearing my final years of University pursuing a career in IT Security. Without Hack Forums I wouldn't be making any money online and I would have had to work a part-time job while being in University to pay the bills and save up for tuition. Instead, I can just relax, study, and use my free time to work on growing my business or explore other ventures.

Hack Forums has also been a very educational experience for me and it is a wonderful place to experiment. Had I not joined Hack Forums, I wouldn't have learned everything I know about Linux and security today. I wouldn't have made all the money I have made online, and I've learned a lot over the years from all the mistakes that I have made.


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