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Status: Active
Join Date: 8/15/2013

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Cooligan first learned of Hack Forums through a friend of his on Xbox 360, namely when his friend began talking about buying Netflix accounts for $0.20 a piece. At that time, Cooligan was in need of an account so he created an account on Hack Forums just to check the account selling thread. But, after checking the service Cooligan noticed how cool and friendly the Hack Forums community was. At the time of joining, he was also looking for something to invest his time into. As he went deeper inside Hack Forums, he saw that it was a community that fit his needs perfectly. The level of friendliness offered by the forum users and the number of (crucial) features present to Cooligan was more than enough to convince him that this was what he was looking for. He knew his life was going to change after that small decision, and as far as he knew, he never felt any regret.

After joining, Cooligan spent most of his time posting in The Lounge, as he preferred the general topics that were posted there along with the amount of activity found in that section. With that, Cooligan also showed interest in becoming a member of an official group. He liked the image and idea of what an official group seemed to be so joining one became his primary goal. By the time he'd decided on this goal, he found that he liked the forum to such a high extent that he purchased the L33t subscription for his account and soon went on a donation spree for the purchasable awards. After he received his L33t usergroup, he started applying for the official group memberships. The first group he has ever applied for was Instinct, and surprisingly he was accepted on the same day his application was posted. After joining Instinct, Cooligan obtained an understanding of how groups work and what they're all about. With that, he applied to as many groups as he could, although without the results that he had expected. One day, after he applied for the (now defunct) group Complexity, he was invited by the group owner Judge Dredd. The invitation paved the way for Cooligan's long journey towards stardom in Hack Forums.

Cooligan's name was originally Effy Stonem. On October 30th, 2013, he decided to donate for the Emerald Donator award. At that time, users had to PM Omniscient himself in order to buy donation awards as the automated page wasn't yet in place. He sent Omniscient a PM stating the award he wanted to donate for. He received a reply with the donation link and without further adieu, the money was sent. Omniscient said something along the lines of "Effy is hawt" or "Effy is a cutie" and Cooligan replied back, thanking him. Cooligan then spoke to Omniscient about ideas for a new username, and Omniscient soon replied back saying that he should change it to Cooligan. He really liked the way Cooligan looked and sounded so Cooligan (now) decided to use it. About 10 minutes after changing the name, Omniscient left a positive rep on Cooligan saying that he loves the username.

During a game night (party/event held at a specific night) held by a user named Harlem in Complexity, the two users Evangelist, a leader of (now defunct group) The Empire, and Freddy Krueger were present. Cooligan met Evangelist and their friendship was formed on the spot as they seemed to just 'click' with one another. Through the new connection that he'd created he was able to successfully secure himself a spot in The Empire. As soon as he joined The Empire, Cooligan made a lot of cool friends. He also took part in many fun events organized by The Empire. To put it in short, he considered The Empire to be the best group ever made on Hack Forums since the beginning.

All good things, eventually, will come to an end. During his time in The Empire, he hosted several giveaways and help desks in the name of the group. In recognition of all the contribution done, he was invited into Phoenix by Tibit. During that time, he ran a popular innuendo help desk. He talked with members on a day to day basis about their issues on school, relationships, drugs, or even life in general. Cooligan gained a lot of life experience over the years through his 'help-in-hand' skill.

Cooligan has received numerous praise for his activity and friendship, especially from the once well known member Tibit.

"Was nice knowing you, you're a good noob, even though you're in the closet. You were one of the best noobs imo, had Empire continued you would have been a leader for sure." - Tibit

Currently, Cooligan is still hosting giveaways, running help desks, and also contributing as much as he can towards Hack Forums in a positive way. He also does his best in helping out the newcomers in the Rules, Announcements, News and Feedbacks board. He gained the interest in helping users in said forum through his admittance into the (now defunct) group Archive, where its group leader xadamxk conducted several courses on the forum policies and such.


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