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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 10-28-2015

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In 2015, Confound had entered a phase in his life where he was interested in learning how to make money through online projects. His first endeavor was the purchasing and selling of virtual currency for a game called "8 Ball Pool." He learned about Hack Forums and its marketplace and decided to join under the name "Pool Coin Shop" to sell his virtual currency through he marketplace. Upon learning about how vast the marketplace was, he decided to change his name to Longevity and then Confound to establish a name for himself on the forums. He quickly realized that Hack Forums was to become his new home, as he felt a place for himself in the community. In 2016, Confound later developed an interest in groups, and eventually became the leader of the group Apex. The group primarily focused on bringing together like-minded individuals, in order to collaborate on projects on and off the site.  After the sale of Apex, Confound was accepted into Red Lions and over the last year, has been working aggressively as second-in-command, developing ideas and working on ways to positively contribute to the site., developing ideas and working on ways to positively contribute to the site.  Confound has a deep interest in politics and history, and has recently been contributing in the SRPP section, as well as the RANF section. He has two stickied threads - one entitled "A Brief History and Guide to American Politics" in Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics and "A Comprehensive Guide to Raising a Puppy" in Pet Peeve. Additionally, Confound spends some of his free time middle-manning deals in the marketplace, to help prevent users from being scammed.


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