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*[[Viral Dragon_(user)|Viral Dragon]]
*[[Viral Dragon_(user)|Viral Dragon]]
*[[+Awesome _(User)|+Awesome]]
*[[Judge Dredd]]
*[[Makaveli The Don]]
*[[Viral Dragon]]

==Group History==
==Group History==

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Group History

The Complexity usergroup was founded on the 10th of May 2013, after Judge Dredd's return from demotion as one of the Administrators of the forum. The group request was honored by the owner of Hack Forums, Omniscient. There was some initial controversy surrounding this move, which has since faded. The group focuses included Computer Hardware, Graphics, Gaming & Coding.

The group was changed to Infamous after Judge Dredd merged the original Infamous and then-current Complexity to become one group, all under the banner of Infamous.

Goal or Manifesto

Complexity focuses on the intricate details surrounding the complexities of coding, web design and security. Our aim is to understand and to improve. We start with ourselves and expand to others as we expand to GFX design, monetizing, gaming and most computer related topics.


The group does not have specific requirements for the group, but each section of the group have their own requirements for entering.

Group Images

[File:Complexity_banner] http://s18.postimg.org/lsk1bov95/complexbanner2.gif [File:Complexity_Userbar] http://x.hackforums.net/images/blackreign/groupimages/english/complexity.gif [File:Complexity_ficon] http://www.hackforums.net:8080/uploads/ficons/complexity-f.png