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This member is a current or past Mentor on Hack Forums.
Mentors moderate various subforums that have high volumes of activity and require a higher degree of supervision than other subforums.
This template categorizes users as Mentors.

Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: July 20th, 2010

Master Donator (Award).pngSapphire of Ub3r (Award).pngEmerald Donator (Award).pngPurple Clover (Award).pngEveryday Ninja (Award).pngAce of Spades (Award).pngLegalize It (Award).pngLegalize It (Award).pngLegalize It (Award).pngLegalize It (Award).pngLegalize It (Award).pngBTCash (Award).pngGreen Clover (Award).pngGift (Award).pngBitcoinage (Award).pngEthereist (Award).pngDogecoinage (Award).pngLitecoinage (Award).pngRich Bitch (Award).pngBrony (Award).pngZECret (Award).pngDarkDash (Award).pngXEMplary (Award).pngMonero (Award).pngRippled (Award).pngStratisphere (Award).pngGreen Gift (Award).pngGreen Apple (Award).pngQuickly Loved (Award).pngDicey (Award).pngBusinessman (Award).pngCheap Skate (Award).pngMember of the Month (Award).png


V3ndor (Userbar).png
Polymath (Userbar).png
Fate (Userbar).gif
Ub3r (Userbar).png

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