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Status: Active
Join Date: 10-27-2010

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Bull joined Hack Forums in 2010 to find the crypter "FlyCrypter" after a Google search, Bull found himself on a sales thread on Hack Forums, due to that thread he decided to create an account on Hack Forums. After Bull was registered for a few months Bull's adventure on HF was stopped due to his arrest by Mumbai ATS; he was arrested for hacking a Saudi Arabian government website. After spending three months in jail Bull was bailed out by the Mumbai high court, after his arrest Bull was not aloud to touch a computer for some time. Due to this Bull's account was closed due to inactivity. But, in 2013 he re-registered and created a new account to take part in the now thriving market place. After becoming bored of the market, Bull decided to dabble in Botnets, after a short time Bull decided to open his now very successful bot shop. Which after two years has created him $150,000 profit. One of his major goals is to improve the community of Hack Forums, he helps do that through donations to Omni and through the group he currently owns, Specialists.

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