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Forum: Profile
Status: Inactive
Join Date: 01-31-2011

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When she first registered her account in early 2011, bugga had been showing a tremendous amount of acivity on the forum, creating over 300 threads in her first year, notably in The Lounge. During the later half of 2011, bugga upgraded multiple members almost weekly, as a part of her giveaway to the HF community. In 2012, bugga was appointed as a staff member, but later resigned in late 2012 due to "not being the right fit for it." After this period, bugga continued to be a leader in multiple user groups. Her activity also started to decline not long after. In mid-2013, bugga became highly inactive with posting less then 40 threads until early 2015. From that point on, bugga had become completely inactive and didn't visit the forum for a long time.

As of now, bugga has returned to Hack Forums and has started to be active again. We came to know the reason of her inactivity and an update in her own words:

Hi, I haven't been active since early 2015 or perhaps mid 2015. I noticed I had a couple of reps regarding to some kind of fraud or scam on my account and then after checking logs realized that there are log ins from an Israel ip and also another from the US. I do apologize if anyone had a bad dealing with my account, although I was over seas during these times I was only in London and Parts of the US and did not use my account during these times. I hope everyone is well and look forward to catching up on Tiny Chat and Skype with some of my old HF buddies now I am back.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Known for upgrading members regularly through contests (over 150 upgrades)
  • Offered personal help with private IRL situations
  • Highly active in The Lounge with over 6400 posts made