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Forum: Profile
Status: Inactive
Join Date: 01-31-2011

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From the first moment of joining in 2011 bugga has been highly active on the forum creating over 300 threads in her first year, mainly in The Lounge. Where in mid to late 2011 bugga upgraded multiple members almost weekly. In 2012 bugga was ranked as a staff member but resigned in late 2012 due to being "just not cut out for it" in her opinion. After this period bugga continued to be a leader in multiple user groups but started declining in activity not long after. In mid-2013 bugga became highly inactive with posting less then 40 threads until early 2015. From this point on bugga has become fully inactive and hasn't visited the forums since.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Known for upgrading members reguraly trough contests (over 150 upgrades)
  • Offered personal help with private IRL situations
  • Highly active in The Lounge with over 6500 posts made
  • Extremely high useage of "...." and "????" in thread titles