Blackened Heart Gem

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Blackened Heart Gem
Blackened Heart Gem (Award).png
Dyne's private award.
Type: Limited
Award ID: 168


A custom award that can only be granted by Dyne.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
Dyne When Innocuous Information Isn't 12-25-2021
Dyne The Reverse String 12-25-2021
Dyne Industrial Espionage 12-25-2021
Dyne Reasons to Reliquish Policy 12-25-2021
Dyne Controlling the Human Element of Security 12-25-2021
Omniscient Because most of us wouldn't be where we are without you or HF 12-25-2021
Dyne Your custom award. 12-25-2021
BV1 For inspiring others to be better. 01-01-2022
Lavish Living Zero has the blackest of hearts, full of love 01-05-2022
Joe Vday 2022 02-15-2022
NulldB Hearts held as Ransom 02-27-2022