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The group is currently closed.


[M] VoxaDub

Group History

Black Diamond started when [M] decided to buy the usergroup Terror. He turned the group focus primarily towards marketing, where he would offer members of Hack Forums the opportunity to enroll in a student program for $50. The group also focused on coding and writing. The group was changed to Black Diamond after being purchased by Lani from M.

Goal or Manifesto

Black Diamond is a selectively assembled group of individuals who are extremely skilled at what they do. Black Diamond consists of entrepreneurs, coders, writers, general masters at their niche, and other successful people who have an unyielding necessity to profit from their endeavours.


When Black Diamond recruited they had no requirements so anyone could apply for it. They also had a student program to take in students and teach them and the only requirement of this was a $50 entry fee. Black Diamond also had a teacher recruitment once. The requirements for the teacher recruitment were: - No open or unresolved scam reports - At least 1,000 posts in the marketplace secton - Must have decent grammer - Must be dedicated - No applying via User CP - Must Follow all HF rules and guidelines - No Flaming or Harassing others

   ==Group Images==

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