Black Diamond

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Black Diamond
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Black Diamond is a selectively assembled group of individuals who are extremely skilled at what they do. Black Diamond consists of entrepreneurs, coders, writers, general masters at their niche, and other successful people who have an unyielding necessity to profit from their endeavours.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Owner: Lani
Past Leaders M
Previous Iteration: Terror
Next Iteration: Dynasty
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Black Diamond is a group that is comprised of individuals who strive to seize the day. The sole purpose of Black Diamond is to distribute new marketing products to the Hackforums marketplace. No project is too big or too small. Black Diamond is here to rejuvenate the marketplace.
The members of Black Diamond are all skilled in their very own unique way. Members of the group surpass common expectations when it comes to both marketing online and offline. Furthermore, Black Diamond consists of: entrepreneurs, marketers, advertisers, writers, coders, masters of a specified niche, leaders, and other individuals who are successful in their own way who manage to profit from a large array of ventures that they take place in.
Black Diamond is here to offer people an opportunity to be a part of a new wave of profit making strategies. The leaders of the group are strictly looking for people who can truly prove themselves. Members who are unique and are an expert in the field of marketing is what we are looking for. Those who make it into the group made it for a reason. Prior to accepting a member, a full review will be completed on the individual.


Black Diamond started when [M] decided to buy the usergroup Terror. He turned the group focus primarily towards marketing, where he would offer members of Hack Forums the opportunity to enroll in a student program for $50. The group partnered with Complexity for a small period of time to allow Hack Forums users dual membership in both groups.

Current Status

The group was changed to Dynasty after being purchased by Lani from M due to arguments between the two.