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If the solar winds have stirred far off in the velvety night then showers of light --gold and violet. rose and green--paint the sky.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: September 26, 2017
Owner: Lexsern
Leaders Makaveli The Don
Previous Iteration: Harmony
Next Iteration: Divined (Group)


Aurora is a group mainly focused on giving back to the community and those who have made a positive impact in Hack Forums' time of establishment. This will be done by a series of group contests, giveaways, and opportunities to win additional prizes through varying methods.


On September 26, 2017, Lexsern, a registered member since 2008, purchased the group, formerly known as Harmony from ‘Fox. Considering that the group was not purchased in full, the two agreed on a common middle-ground and decided to settle for payment plans. To initiate the deal, now group owner, Lexsern, transferred a down payment of 0.14 BTC ($1,000 USD) to the Bitcoin wallet of ‘Fox. The preceding payments are as follows:

Aurora's Group Payments

Lexsern’s plan for the group involves utilizing both current subforums, but in a more overseen view, there will be three main points of interest. Aurora’s first division will be a Nordic section for users from the countries of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. The aforementioned division will allow local language, something uncommonly seen and very prohibited on Hack Forums as it is an English-only speaking community. Being the first of its kind, proper approval had been sought out by Lexsern who has accordingly gained authorization to execute the idea. Until further notice, additional divisions are still undecided as they are currently being occupied by ‘’Faces’’ and ‘’Fidelity’’; two subgroups that were rented out during ‘Fox’s reign of Harmony. Once Lexsern obtains leadership, both subgroups, along with Juicy- will be removed and other focuses will be introduced.

The Nordic sections will primarily focus on offering benefits to users in the countries mentioned prior. Lexsern said he will personally be providing these benefits himself, stating that due to the high demand and challenge that members from these areas face when trying to obtain deals available to solely Nordic countries, he will oversee the provision.

As of now, Lexsern’s group powers are only so extensive until June 2018, when the final payment will be provided; he intends to choose leaders by in-which country they reside. One leader from either Denmark, Sweden, or Finland to moderate users speaking the local language. Lexsern intends to moderate Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish languages, but will also have an additional local leader to lighten his load up, as the users that are speaking languages other than English must be moderated just as much as English-speaking users, in order to ensure that they are following both the rules of Hack Forums and group rules for their designated language. Varying leaders will also be chosen when Aurora’s additional focuses/divisions will be announced.

After ownership is transferred to Lexsern, a heavy interest in providing large giveaways for not only the members of his group, but the entirety of Hack Forums’ public community as well will be initiated. The group will have one large Bitcoin wallet, mentored by Lexsern, which will be used for said giveaways. Access to Aurora will strictly be invite and recruitment only entry, as there is no intent to accumulate capital. Once ‘’Faces’’ and ‘’Fidelity’’ are defunct, members of said subgroups will be removed, along with the removal of the two sections, permanently halting entry.

Current Status

Aurora is currently active and being operated by Lexsern and Makaveli The Don.