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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 10-09-2012

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Aura started IT in Cégep and his best friend was in the same program and class at him. They started reading on hacking and thought that it would be nice to learn to hack people for fun and also learn how it works. So Aura ended up searching on google for some hacking tutorials and hacking related stuff until he ended up on Hack Forums. Aura started reading the threads around the forum, and even asked a couple of questions in the Beginner Hacking section. Aura quickly lost interest after and then left for a few months. When he came back, He started assisting in the Windows section and this is where Aura's journey on Hack Forums began. Aura explored a few threads in the Whitehat Section and was contacted by Chief'. Aura used that occasion to tell Chief' that he really like his tutorial on an Anti-Virus, He then began to talk about Malware Removal. This is where Chief' had proposed to Aura to introduce him to his mentor, which he did, and this is where he got started in Malware removal. "I was basically picking up threads and posting what I learned from my mentor who was supervising me and guiding me on Skype for a while. After a while, I was decent enough to take care of threads myself and started exploring more tools, more investigation methods, etc. I did a lot of TeamViewer support (so much, that I'm limited right now and cannot use the program for more than 5 minutes) where I learned way more than I could have ever imagined"


  • Former Moderator of the Miscellaneous Computer Talk section
  • Former Moderator of the Virtual Machines section
  • Former Moderator of the Web Browsers section
  • Former Leader of The Brotherhood
  • Notable White Hat Helper

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