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The Asswipe award is given to those who portray a bad image on themselves throughout Hack Forums. Three of the members who have obtained the award have had their accounts closed. The award isn't just given out to the bad members on the site as the member Connected received the award for sending [Omniscient] a roll of glowing toilet paper.


Everyone just hates you.

The Award

File:Toilet-paper 24.png.png

Earning this Award

There is currently no sure formula as to how to obtain the award, but possibly being hated by most of the community without being banned until the award's issuance is one way. It's been given out to members who have done something notable in an infamous matter, or because they did something Omniscient found amusing.

Number of Awards

There are only 7 users with this award.

To see the current list members who have this award, click here.