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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 06-24-2009

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Aliases: N/A


AsSaSs@iN started playing the Battlefield 1942 demo and was curious how he could take down a server. Through googling, he stumbled across Hack Forums. He joined Hack Forums on 06-24-2009. Though, he never actually attacked or attempted to take down a server. Instead, he became interested in the White Hat Hacking section; His curiosity was the reason for joining and continuing to visit Hack Forums. Thereupon he pursued the path of Valiant in the malware removal section. He was interested in what he was doing with the HiJack This! Team eventually then Malware Removal Team and wanted to enroll in the training program. He ended up the training as an MRT Graduate and worked in the Malware Removal Team. Since then, he continued to help and teach members in the forum.

I'm partly responsible for the majority of graduates from the Hack Forums training program (ie Paradoxum, t3h hack3r, N2H and more). The WHH section is where I've spent most of my time, helping people and creating tutorials aside from staff duties.


  • Current Mentor
  • Former Staff Member
  • Former Member of HJT and MRT

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests